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Regopantes Business

RegoPantes helps your business runs well by providing fresh agricultural products directly from farmer's hand without any unnecesarry intermediaries. Providing consitency in quantity and high quality products, guaranteed by our educated farmers, but still in competitive prices yet also fair prices to the farmers.


RegoPantes Business


A service for business partners in culinary who demand fresh agricultural product directly come from the farm. This service features the consistency of the quantity of the product as well as the quality as they are directly guaranteed by the farmers who cultivate them without any unnecessary intermediaries. RegoPantes Business partners will be presented not only with best quality products, but also in very competitive prices, yet also fair prices for farmers.

We Work


Order List

Partner provides a list of the commodities to be ordered and location details for the delivery.


Price & Product Availability List

RegoPantes provides the price list and product availability list to be delivered.


Order Submission

Partner pose an order with the delivery time and location with detailed commodites specification.


Order Delivery

RegoPantes delivers the orders according to the lists to each location and specified time.

Our Partners

Join our partners in providing the best quality and fresh agricultural commodities directly from farmer's hand in fair prices.